Petition launched to save the Boldmere Adult Education site from developers

A petition to save the Boldmere Adult Education site in Sutton Coldfield has been launched by Kath Scott of Boldmere Mums.

boldmere adult education centre

The petition reads:

“Boldmere Adult Education Centre will be sold off by Bham City Council & the land will become another housing estate. This will reduce local Primary School catchment again. Saving the Adult Education Centre will help our community keep the valuable Sutton Nursery School, located on the same site.”

Kath is asking people to sign the petition to ensure that the land, the Adult Education Centre and Sutton Nursery remain within the Education Services.

She goes on to say:

“If we don’t fight to save the Adult Education Centre, more children will lose out on local School places; our much loved Sutton Nursery School will disappear. The property and site are earmarked for development despite them still being within Education Services.

“If we prevent the site from transferring to Birmingham City Council Property Services; it can be used for any number of Education options such as Primary Education, Secondary Education , Adult Education, Special Educational Needs; and we are all aware of what Education services we are lacking in our Ward.”

To date the petition has attracted 400+ signatures, including 181 online. To sign the online petition visit:

2 Responses

  1. Barbara Withers says:

    I agree with saving the adult education site in Boldmere. I have and still do atttend many courses here and do not wish to see it close. Without naming names, the current councellors have been most unhelpful in this matter, often ignoring emails and telephone calls.

  2. Rob Pocock says:

    The Adult Ed centre is being closed, this is because it is government funded and they have turned off the tap so no going back there. I have explained this to people who have contacted me about it, and the trick now is to retain the side within BCC Education Services, and not have it just sold off to the highest bidder. Ideally it would be used for additional primary school places and to keep the existing nursery school open. Well done to Kath Scott for launching this campaign, and I hope it is successful – add your name to her petition on: