Concerts in the Park Hailed a Success

Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council has hailed the weekend’s Concert in the Park a massive success with 10,000 people attended over the two days.

Concerts in the Park Sutton Park 1 July. Photo:  Aaron Scott Richards

Concerts in the Park Sutton Park 1 July. Photo: Aaron Scott Richards

On Saturday 1st July a crowd of 5,000 people gathered from 3pm to enjoy an afternoon and evening of outstanding music from Tony Skeggs to The WestEnders to the magnificent CBSO who took audiences through popular scores from Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Nutcracker through to popular opera arias and a number of classical favourites. Their renditions of Pomp and Circumstance and Jerusalem had concert goers on their feet in ‘last night of the proms’ scenes whilst an impromptu ‘Can Can’ saw much dancing in the crowd.

The evening was hosted by broadcaster, author and journalist John Suchet – the voice of Classic FM who shared his passion for the music which was conducted by Birmingham’s own Michael Seal. Guest tenor Noah Stewart enchanted the audience with an outstanding series of arias.

Sunday 2 July saw 5,000 people get involved with and be entertained at the Concerts in the Park Beasts and Bugs family fun day. From Flying Bats to Praying Mantas through to donkeys and bees Sutton Park came alive for audiences young and old. The CBSO led the performances with their 10-piece mini-orchestra as well as local groups from three Sutton Coldfield Choirs along with a visiting Choir from San Francisco entertaining the crowd.

The weekend was also an opportunity for locally based organisations to showcase their world-class offerings from the award winning Baked in Brick to Sutton’s own fire engine bar, The Tipple Truck as well as gourmet hamper provider The Deli in Boldmere.

Councillor Simon Ward, Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council said:

“What a weekend! What an amazing turn out and what an amazing series of performances. We’ve enjoyed world-class music, food and fun right here in our town, in the magnificent Sutton Park. Thank you to all the wonderful musicians and performers and of course to the 10,000 guests who joined us for what I am sure we can all agree was a most memorable weekend.

“This was the first time we have staged such an event and are hugely grateful to the people of our Royal Town for their support. We will of course be looking at the event in greater details as we plan for next year but at this stage I would just say how pleased we are with the level of local attendance (there was just 800 cars parked on Saturday) which shows how truly local the attendees were. I am also delighted that the event was without any incident – a testament to the crowd; the organization and the great community spirit.”

Good to hear Cllr Ward say that the Council will be looking at the event in greater detail in anticipation of repeating it in 2018. We would love to see another Concert in the Park next year but organised without running a potential loss to Sutton Coldfield’s precept payers and hopefully with a system that demonstrates the attendance of local residents a bit more accurately than the number of parked cars. Using Cllr Ward’s figure of 800 cars, if there were 4 people per car that would be a total 3,200 from an attendance of 5,000. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how many people there were per car or how many local residents drove to the event just as there is no way of knowing how many attended the event by public transport. So the car figure just doesn’t work – if the concerts are subsidised by Sutton Coldfield residents it is important to measure a little more precisely the actual number of those residents that attended.

3 Responses

  1. Derek Meadows says:

    I went to the Party in the Park in the 80`s, with bands such as Status Quo, and Take That plus many more, and there were thousands that turned up, it was an unbelievable event, and I have been saying that Sutton should do this every year, especially now that we are not ruled by Birmingham Council, who always put Sutton at the bottom of the list, even when Sutton Park is the biggest park in Europe, You see all events going on in parks all over the UK, but not in Sutton, it would bring a lot of revenue into the Royal Town, and would be so popular with the residents, so come on Sutton lets make it a yearly big event.

  2. Richard says:

    Not disagreeing with the sentiment but we are still part of (or ruled, if you prefer) Birmingham City Council and the concert made a substantial loss.

  3. Margaret says:

    We attended this avent it was a wonderful joyous occasion . I commend how well it was organised and I hope it will be a yearly event. The atmosphere was a day to remember .though I know many people was unaware of the event I do think that if it goes ahead next year I suspect that you may have double the number of people that may want to go with may be a concern as the estimated 5000 that attended on the Saturday was sufficient for the area that was provided. Well done Sutton it was a Quintessential English akin to the last night of the proms …Margaret