Chop & Wok Opening in Sutton Coldfield

Update: Chop & Wok Noodle Bar opens on Monday September 19

Work being carried out on the new Chop & Wok premises Sutton Coldfield

Work has now started on the new Chop & Wok noodle bar Birmingham Road

Having been closed for sometime now the premises that homed the Hampton’s Baguette Bar on Birmingham Road will once again be serving hungry customers later this year.

In approximately nine weeks Chop and Wok will be opening its first Noodle Bar and takeaway outside of the city centre.

The two outlets in Birmingham City Centre have been described as a great success over the past two years and it is because of this that Company Director, Aman Bhandal has taken the decision to open a third in Sutton Coldfield.

Chop and Wok aims to provide fresh and healthy food while providing a ‘new age’ experience.

“We made a big decision to expand the Chop & Wok brand outside of a City Centre location. There were many questions on my mind initially, like whether the footfall would be high enough? Living in the Birmingham area I have good knowledge of the neighbouring towns, so decided that Sutton Coldfield would be the perfect start to our outer City Centre growth.”
Aman Bhandal

12 Responses

  1. dave says:

    mmmmm another fast food outlet in sutton, just what we need, suppose we should be gratefull its not a curry house. altho, i cant see a noodle place doing well there, and when it does start to fail, expect to see naan breads, chicken balti and lamb rogan josh creep onto the menu and hey, weve got suttons next curry house.

    has anyone heard the story about vitos pizza place in boldmere? the owners wanted to open a takeaway but got refused, so they opened a make shift bed shop, which was obviously not going to work because i think they could only fit 3 beds in there. but this was so they could get there foot in the door, once there for a year, they said its not doing well and asked for a change of occupancy and they were then easily allowed to get a food license for the place. and this isnt just local rumours, its the truth.

    expect more of this until the local council pulls its finger out and stops letting sutton slip slowly down the list of nice areas in sutton. maybe the town centre partnership can do something about this aswell?

    by the way, beeches walk has another possible curry house opening up, its persian, but whats the difference, and isnt simla (another beeches walk takeaway) persian aswell? and they do baltis aswell. that makes 3 curry houses out of 14 shops. brilliant! and dont get me started on the tripe served up at chicken stop and papas. we want more oscars and la escalas not food takeaways like those found in areas like alum rock and perry bar.

  2. Peter says:

    Dave, this is nothing more than a covert racist rant that really has nothing to do with takeaways. Are you a member of the local BNP by any chance?

    For your information there is a big difference between Persian food and Indian food – oh and the Balti is neither as it was invented in Birmingham!

    I notice the three places you mention by name – Vitos, Chicken Stop and Papas are all halal – coincidence?

    Oh and I know the owners of Vitos and your scare story is rubbish.

    You’re simply jumping on the current takeaway concerns bandwagon to promote bad feeling so go shove it.

  3. Nigel says:


    Here’s your chance. I see that Oscar’s has got the
    ” for sale ” sign up outside, so as you are such an expert on what the locals do or don’t want why don’t you vote with your wallet and take over the lease. That way you’ll be able to give the punters what you think they need and make a load of money out of it as well. An all win situation…………

  4. najm says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Thank you for the heads-up on Oscar’s.

  5. Dominic says:

    Oscar’s holds such a prime position it’s a shame it’s up for sale, but then I’d not voted with my wallet either having only been once. Was it ever particularly busy? We’d been to its predecessor, Restaurant 82, a few times and were usually the only people in there.

    If I had the time, money and knowledge I’d turn it into the independent coffee and cake shop that Sutton needs.

  6. Dominic says:

    Back to the story. I’ll be giving Chop & Wok a try when it opens. The menu looks good and would certainly be a more cosmopolitan lunch than an M&S sandwich.

  7. najm says:

    Indie coffee and cake – I like that idea, especially if you can throw in free wifi.

    Agreed – I’m looking forward to trying it and will post a review once it is open.

  8. dave says:


    its hardly a racist rant – are you just jumping on the pc bandwagon?

    and as for the 3 being halal, i only knew that papas was halal, so yes, was just a coincidence – the reason i criticised 2 of the 3 was because of there poor quality food.

    and im not jumping on the takeaways bandwagon, im against the lack of variety and the fact there is an increasingly large amount of curry places opening in sutton, along with low quality take aways. im all for that new Mediterranean deli in boldmere because its different and hopefully will prove to be popular. if chop and wok proves a success then im all for that aswell. but there is no need for any more curry houses in sutton. visit them sunday to thursday, they are mostly empty. i feel sorry for the more established curry houses such as shalbon, dilshad, mother india and bengal garden as they are suffering because of all the others that have ben allowed to open.

    and maybe you dont know the owners aswel as you think. funny how the same people went from owning a bed shop to owning a pizza place within a year.

    and its a shame about oscars, i ate in there a few times, was always very quiet but the food was great. still, im sure it will be a buffet island in a few months time.

  9. Peter says:

    The PC bandwagon? No I only use apple mac.

    Maybe you didn’t mean it that way but believe me that is the way it comes over.
    Your choice of words and phrases give the whole comment a rather unpleasant undertone.

    I know the owners of Vitos perfectly well, thank you but it is not for me to speak on their behalf. I can introduce you so that you can express your concerns directly and they can speak for themselves if that helps?

  10. Alexandra says:

    Hey Najm

    My dream is to one day open a cake & Coffee bar, wouldn’t it be great!!

    I agree there are a ridiculous number of curry house now in Sutton Coldfield and I can’t see how they can all make a profit. Our favourite has to be Panache, I love that place, food and service is excellent and it’s always so busy.

    I say good luck to Chop & Wok, at least it’s something different and their interior looks modern and funky! X

  11. sarah says:

    I cant wait for chop and wok to open in sutton its exactly what the high street needs. Ive been to the one in birmingham city centre and the food is fab…fresh, tasty and healthy!!