Councillors struggle to identify savings

With a 49.1% saving required in 2014/15 imposed upon the Sutton Coldfield District by the leaders of Birmingham City Council it is hardly surprising that the local councillors are struggling to put together a suitable proposal.

As the new financial year approaches Sutton Coldfield has to finalise a proposal for the finance office sooner rather than later but with such a big cut in the budget getting the balance between maintaining services and finding the required savings is proving difficult.

A number of options are being looked at and it is likely that there will be some changes in how services are delivered with the possibility of third parties taking over the running of some of them. Just as Mytime Active manage our council owned golf courses the management of other leisure services such as Wyndley will guarantee the continuation of the service while saving money.

The closure of the Fellowship Hall community centre still remains unconfirmed but again this continues to be a strong possibility as is the review of charges for those paid for services that remain.

Libraries within the District will be affected by the cuts in some way, be that reduced opening hours or closure (as is possible in Mere Green).

The partial sale of car parks is another option the councillors may well be considering as this is something that has been reviewed previously.

Whatever the final decisions, and until the proposals are confirmed everything else is speculation, it is inevitable that with 49.1% cuts the residents of Sutton Coldfield will see significant changes in the delivery of some of its services.