Dyslexia Action Team Given 30 Minutes To Leave As Organisation Goes Into Administration

When Sutton Coldfield Local launched in February 2010 one of the first organisations I wrote about was Dyslexia Action. I was blown away by the dedication and hard work of the staff providing an essential service within Sutton Coldfield – something the organisation has been doing for over forty years.


I was gutted therefore to hear of Dyslexia Action going into administration and was even more alarmed at the nature of the closure of Dyslexia Action Sutton Coldfield.

On Thursday April 14th Dyslexia Institute Limited aka Dyslexia Action ceased to trade all operations – with the exception of the teacher training centre – and staff at the Sutton Coldfield office were told that they had 30 minutes to clear their desks and leave the premises before the locks were changed. This brilliant, wonderful and dedicated team were then informed via the Internet that they were now redundant.

Having been kept in the dark about the situation, the team were in total shock at the news and were extremely upset at not being able to contact those families that had been receiving their support.

One of the team told Sutton Coldfield Local:

“I am so sad that the amazing teachers and psychologists along with myself and my colleagues will no longer be able to offer support to local people facing barriers and anxiety to learning.

“We were not able to contact parents and pupils as we were ordered to leave. It’s been quite an ordeal really to be made redundant out of the blue. We have been in tears about this.”

It must have been even more of a shock to the team knowing that Dyslexia Action Sutton Coldfield were actually operating at a profit.

Just to add a little salt to the wounds, the staff were also informed that “…the charity is no longer in a position to make payments to you for services rendered under your contract of employment”

Whatever went wrong at Dyslexia Institute Limited, someone needs to be held to account for the situation the organisation has apparently been lurching and floundering into for sometime. In the 2015 financial report it states:

“Our financial performance this year is disappointing. Net outgoings were £1.7m (against £6.4m total incoming resources), primarily reflecting a sharp fall in voluntary income and an increase in expenditure based on an overly optimistic budget and outlook.”

It goes on to record that:

“Particularly in light of the challenges of the past year, the Trustees and Executive continue to strive for a better and more stable longer term balance in income and expenditure: one that seeks to maximise the external funding opportunities, including the development of wider voluntary income streams, whilst also taking action to minimise costs. Thereby ensuring a long term and growing level of activity supporting beneficiaries with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.”

Dyslexia Institute Limited Income and Expenditure (Report and Financial Statements
For the Year Ended 31 August 2015)

Income £’m Expenditure £’m
Charitable activities 5.84 Generating voluntary
income 0.41
Voluntary income 0.48 Charitable activities 7.60
Investment 0.11 Governance 0.11
Total 6.43 Total 8.12

During 2016 four directors of Dyslexia Institute Limited stood down, including the organisation’s Secretary, while no new appointments are recorded.

Personally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to the team at Dyslexia Action Sutton Coldfield for the dedication they have shown over the years and wish them well for the future.

15 Responses

  1. S morris says:

    Such a shame they were very helpful in getting my son diagnosed. Surely something should be done to help save the.

  2. Johnny says:

    WOW sad to hear this . So many Need Help . So many Childern and adults like my self need help .

  3. Julie Ellis says:

    My son has been tutored there for 7 years and we only found out due to the thoughtfulness of his tutor. Dyslexia action have not informed us!

  4. It was a very sad day on Thursday when Dyslexia Action closed it’s doors. it was a surprise for all staff and psychologists and unfortunately many clients have not as yet been informed.

    Some of the former Dyslexia Action teachers and psychologists are joining together as we speak – so that we can continue to support parents, students and employers.

    The new Facebook page has been published today ‘Dyslexia Action Associates’ with contact details and this will be followed by a website and further contacts over the next few days.

    ‘Dyslexia Action Associates’ serves central England and the eastern counties (as far down as Essex) and provides tuition, employer services and psychological assessments.

    There is also a Facebook group for ex Dyslexia Action psychologists countrywide ‘Dyslexia Action Psychologists’. There are many psychologists with details on here.

  5. Marisha henshaw says:

    I had my son assessed and I am still waiting for his report. What will happen to this ? Is was roughly 4weeks ago.

  6. Nas says:

    I paid £513 for a service for a dyslexia assessment which my daughter never got absolutely disgusted.

  7. Jenni says:

    I too was an employee of Dyslexia Action and like most staff I was given 30 mins to leave my office. DA had too many fat cats on big salaries draining the charity. Regional Managers & Area Managers were fully aware that the charity was going to go into administration but they were too busy feathering their own nest to consider their staff, I am not surprised to read that teachers & psychologists are joining together, I would advise staff to be careful of who they are joining forces with!! Someone should be held accountable for the mess the charity got into. Admin were still booking assessments, tuition etc taking payments from clients that DA knew they would never receive. It’s an utter disgrace.

  8. Dr Barry Johnson says:

    I am a retired psychologist, having worked for Dyslexia Action for 15 years. I am saddened by this news – all the expertise now lost and employees careers ruined. A sad day indeed. I really don’t understand what’s happened. 5 years ago, the business was solid with many centres making a safe profit to enable the charitable activities to grow and help a lot of people. I remember Sutton Coldfield centre and staff very well. I do hope they find alternative work. My heart goes out to my colleague psychologists, many of whom are probably now struggling to earn a living and who may not get paid for assessments already performed. I hope teachers and psychologists can re-group to form mini-businesses. I wish them all well.

  9. fred bloggs says:

    You only have to look at the changes made in 2011 to work out where the problem started. Changed the CEO and they then cleared out a lot of very dedicated staff. Shame on the senior managers – Kevin Geeson should carry the can – 2011 to 2015….he got rid of the key fundraising staff …..which pissed off key high profile backers who left and did not return.

  10. Nigel smith says:

    They were awesome they helped my eldest daughter when the school didn’t. She was the kid at school that they wouldn’t give more than a line to in the play and now she’s been awarded a place at BOA to study drama – that’s in part due to the hard work that Lesley and the team put in setting the groundwork during her primary school education. Very sad how they’ve been treated

  11. Alison Earey says:

    It is extremely sad that such a wonderful organisation that has helped so many people has disappeared in a moment. I hope that all of the people who need help will still be able to find the support that they need. There is a list of tutors and assessors on the Patoss website: https://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/SupportAdvice/AboutTutorAssessorIndex/. The British Dyslexia Association are also very helpful: http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk.

  12. Dineke Austin says:

    I, too, am deeply saddened. As one who had been part of a similarly dedicated team at Egham, and having seen from more of a distance what happened to the superlative Sheffield team (both profit-making teams) I am despairing, but it says much that I am not surprised.

    I do hope that staff find worthwhile roles/vocations shortly; and meanwhile a strong Dutch ‘sterkte’: strength.

  13. David Matkin says:

    It has been a long time since I had contact with Dyslexia Action and Specifically Sutton Coldfield. But my thoughts go out to all the staff and people affected by this.