Help find out how political ‘dark ads’ are being used in Sutton Coldfield

Concerns are being raised over the use of so-called ‘dark advertising’ on Facebook during this election — but you can help us to shine a light on the practice.

‘Micro-targeting’ on Facebook is unregulated: unlike traditional advertising it’s hard to find out what claims are being made by different candidates, or how much money parties are spending.

But we’re working with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to find out what ads are being shown to voters in Sutton Coldfield. To do that, we need your help.

The advertising tracker Who Targets Me has been created especially to identify political advertising in the Facebook newsfeed. It does not store any personal data, and makes it possible to track what political parties are saying and doing with “dark ads”.

The more people in Sutton Coldfield that install Who Targets Me, the better information we will have.

As election day gets closer, we’ll be looking at the results to reveal more about how dark ads are being used in Birmingham.

To help just go to the website and follow the simple instructions.

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