Next up at Highbury Film Club Sutton Coldfield – The Third Man

What: The Third Man (1949)
Where: Highbury Film Club, Highbury Theatre, Sheffield Road, Sutton Coldfield B73 5HD
When: Sunday 5 February, 7.30pm

The next Highbury Film Club screening is the classic masterpiece The Third Man (Cert PG, running time 1h 44m) on Sunday 5 February at 7.30pm (yes – back to a Sunday night!) at Highbury Theatre.

The Third Man at highbury film club

The Third Man is a 1949 British film noir, directed by Carol Reed, written by Graham Greene and starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, and Trevor Howard. Set in post-war Vienna, the film focuses on Holly Martins, an American who is given a job by his friend Harry Lime, but when he arrives, Lime is dead. He then proceeds to investigate this suspicious death.

The atmospheric use of black-and-white expressionist cinematography by Robert Krasker, with harsh lighting and distorted camera angles, is a key feature. Combined with the unique theme music, seedy locations and acclaimed performances, the film evokes the atmosphere of an exhausted, cynical, post-war Vienna at the start of the Cold War.

The Third Man is “crammed with cinematic plums that would do the early Hitchcock proud—ingenious twists and turns of plot, subtle detail, full-bodied bit characters, atmospheric backgrounds that become an intrinsic part of the story, a deft mingling of the sinister with the ludicrous, the casual with the bizarre.” Carol Reed “brilliantly packaged the whole bag of his cinematic tricks, his whole range of inventive genius for making the camera expound. His eminent gifts for compressing a wealth of suggestion in a single shot, for building up agonized tension and popping surprises are fully exercised. His devilishly mischievous humour also runs lightly through the film, touching the darker depressions with little glints of the gay or macabre.” This is a “must-see” for lovers of film noir.

The title music on the zither topped the international music charts in 1950. The film won the 1950 Academy Award for Best Black and White Cinematography and was nominated for Best Film Editing and for Best Director. And in 1999, the British Film Institute selected The Third Man as the best British film of the 20th century.

All tickets are £5.00 and available on-line from Highbury is a membership theatre so your annual membership will cost you a one-off £1 and this gives you access all season until July 2017 to all the Highbury Players productions as well as our films. The fifth play of Highbury Players’ 75th season, the drama The Thrill of Love by Amanda Whittington runs from 14 until 25 March .

The next date in the 2017 Highbury Film Club diary is 6.00pm on Sunday 19 March (NB the early start time) for a screening of The Sound of Music. There will be an old fashioned intermission. We very much look forward to seeing you at Highbury Film Club.