Sutton Coldfield Tweeters mobilised in hunt for town centre lion

missing lion

This is the missing lion – if you have seen it please let us know – or if you know where to buy one let us know too as we would like to replace it.

When 2-year old Archie’s lion went walkabouts in Sutton Coldfield town centre his mum did what anyone would do in the circumstances – she turned to twitter.

In no time at all tweets were going out appealing for sitings of the lion with the hash-tag #suttonlionhunt.

Gracechurch, Don Diago, Sutton Coldfield Community Games, the Town Centre BID and a host of individuals responded to the call as people tried to reunite the fury feline toy with his very upset owner.

Fiona Faizey from the Gracechurch Centre said: “I remember losing my favourite teddy bear when I was little and can remember how upset I was, so it was a completely natural reaction to want to help reunite Archie and Rahrah. We’ve mobilised our concierge and security teams and called on our many followers on Twitter to help with the search. I really hope we find him!”

Going by the name of Rahrah the lion is described as a small hand puppet. Quite possibly not at all dangerous when approached.

Anyone spotting Rahrah should immediately pick him up, give him a cuddle and contact us on or tweet his whereabouts with the hashtag #suttonlionhunt.

suttonlionhunt tweets