Sutton Coldfield Media Production Company Goes Global

A Sutton Coldfield media company is going from strength to strength – after taking its productions around the world.

hackathonArk Media Productions have been casting their net far and wide by working on projects in Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Gran Canaria, and US, alongside their work in the UK.

Among these projects was filming and production of the world’s first dual nation ‘hackathon’ – an event that sees computer programmers and software developers meet to collaborate intensively on a project.

During the hackathon, Ark Media had crews of seven people stationed in London and the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh.

They produced a series of minute-long promotional films, as part of a critically acclaimed project that won a Rose Gold Award at the Muse Creative Awards and best event video at the Global Trend Awards.

Managing director Phil Arkinstall said:

“More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of utilising video – its use for marketing purposes is exploding and we are also seeing many larger organisations using video for internal communication purposes as well as training.

“The international projects we have worked on have been quite innovative either in the actual initiatives themselves or in the post production technologies we have utilised.”

Phil is conscious that to continue its growth in the UK and on an international basis the company needs to be at the forefront of new video technologies.

Ark Media is now able to provide personalised and 360 videos.

Phil added:

“For a company with a large list of contacts a personalised video can be what sets you apart from the competition.

“360 video enables you to give your viewers an immersive video experience. Your audience gets to control what they see either by using a VR headset or with their device.
“These videos really can be the difference between being seen or being interacted with and can really set a business apart.”