Poll: Should Sutton Coldfield Town Council commit funds to support the library?

UPDATE: The poll is now closed, thank you to everyone that took part. The Town Council approved the motion put forward by Cllr Parry. More to follow.

At tomorrow’s (Tuesday 24th January) meeting of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council, Cllr Liz Parry (Ind. Sutton Vesey Ward) will be submitting the following motion:

“This Council has previously expressed support for the retention of a modernized library service within Sutton Coldfield town centre. Neither a location nor funding have yet been secured. This Council therefore resolves to allocate £150,000 from the unallocated portion of its 2016/17 budget, to use if necessary to support the continued provision of a library service in the town centre after 1 April 2017, in order to enable a long-term solution to be finalised.”

The motion will no doubt lead to an interesting debate as the issue is not straight forward but our simple question is do you agree that the Town Council should be using currently unallocated funs to support Sutton Coldfield Library which Birmingham City Council have earmarked for closure on April 1st?

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Should SCTC allocate £150,000 to support the continued provision of a library service in the town centre after 1 April 2017

For more details on tomorrow’s meeting see: Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council Meeting January 2017

13 Responses

  1. Andrew Nicholson says:

    I’m already paying once for a library service – why should I pay twice?

    • Zoe says:

      You wouldn’t be paying twice. The Town Council would and will not be paying for a library that would otherwise be paid for by Birmingham City Council. What this money would do is help finance a library that would otherwise simply not exist.

  2. Rob Pocock says:

    No-one will be paying twice – the Town Council will be paying to supplement the service in Sutton to a level over and above what the Birmingham standard service would be.

    • Richard says:

      I don’t follow. There isn’t a standard service – libraries are banded. Provision differs.

      And ‘paying to supplement’ is paying twice.

  3. Dave Redbourne says:

    Before answering the simple yes/no poll, my question would have to be ‘At the expense of what else?’

  4. Stephen Smallwood says:

    Local government cuts are going to have a detrimental effect on our local services. I voted for a Town Council so that it could help support services which we would ordinarily loose. I want to see the library invested in, and attract involvement of local groups to make the library even better.

  5. K Hudson says:

    I think funds & efforts should be made to keep the much-used smaller services in Sutton open e.g. Boldmere. Sutton library is so hidden, no wonder it’s earmarked to close.

  6. Keith Jager says:

    It’s not a binary choice. Which other services might be helped with the ‘unallocated funds’
    Mental health services, homeless support, youth services…
    If these unallocted funds be ‘only’ spent on library service then of course ‘yes’ is the no brainier..please clarify

    • najm says:

      Hi Keith, you’re right about it not being a binary choice but we have had a lot of people contact us regarding this issue and were keen to get an idea of whether our readers were generally in favour or against the proposal. The unallocated funds were not attached to any service.

  7. Alistair Shiner says:

    Please note that this vote is flawed by the ability to vote as many times as you want. Copy the page URL, open in an incognito browser window each time and the website doesn’t recognise that you’ve voted previously. I’ve voted over 20 times. I assume it uses a stored cookie to recognise that you’ve voted previously, but going incognito prevents this.

    • najm says:

      Thank you Alistair for pointing this out. While the system allows for up to two votes per device to permit more than one person voting from the same one it is true that implementing the technique as described above can fool the system resulting in the ability to make multiple votes. However, multiple votes (i.e. more than 2) from the same IP address have been removed from the database giving the final result as displayed.

  8. Rob Pocock says:

    Birmingham’s budget funds to a specific standard for any library, whatever band. Town Council can add money to improve on that.

  9. S morris says:

    Can you please confirm if STC are to contribute £150k, how much will BCC be funding. Also please clarify the cost of the library property rent paid to BCC. Thank you