Rotary Provides Practical Help to KIDS West Midlands Early Years Centre

The KIDS West Midlands charity has a new piece of equipment at their Early Years Centre on Birmingham Road in Sutton Coldfield, following a donation by the Rotary Club of Wylde Green.

Photograph courtesy of Carolyn McLaughlin

Photograph courtesy of Carolyn McLaughlin, Rotary Club of Wylde Green

Known as a tumble form table, it is a table that slides over a disabled child’s chair and increases the young person’s independence.

The table has many uses; food can quickly be cleared away from the table to make way for activities like painting.

KIDS is a national charity, founded over 47 years ago, providing a wide range of support services to disabled children, young people and their families. More information about the Early Years Centre can be found at

After a special event to mark the opening of the new garden at the Early Years Centre, Hannah Pennock, Regional Fundraising Manager for KIDS West Midlands, in saying how thrilled they were with the new piece of equipment commented:

“Today’s Open Day was all about getting the local community and our donors together, to let them see the new garden and to say thank you for the help and support they have given to KIDS. We really appreciate the donation of the tumble form table from the Rotary Club of Wylde Green. It allows children to be independent in their play and means they can enjoy activities safely and comfortably with the help of a non-slip tray top.”

Barry Rainsford, who has been actively involved in the Rotary Club’s fundraising efforts for many years, added:

“It was great that the Wylde Green Rotary Club was invited along to this special event to see the new garden, along with other members of the community and donors. It’s not often we all get to meet!

“What was especially rewarding for us was to see the tumble form table that the Club donated being used and enjoyed by Leo! It was clear to see what a positive impact it is having for young people, increasing their independence.

“The Rotary Club can only make donations like this because members of the local community contribute so generously to our fundraising collections and events every year. And for that we are most sincerely grateful.”

Many members say they join Rotary because it gives them a chance to give something back to their community. In local communities clubs raise thousands of pounds for community projects and local charities. Members also volunteer their time – supervising and organising community events, running projects to promote the achievements of young people and coordinating educational programmes.

The Wylde Green Rotary Club has a varied and interesting programme at a local, national and international level. A lively group of men and women, meetings are held each Tuesday evening at 7.15pm for 7.30pm at Pype Hayes Golf Club, Eachelhurst Road, Sutton Coldfield where a warm welcome awaits anyone interested in finding out more. Additional information is available from the Club’s website at or by ‘phoning 0121 378 1099.