Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council Meeting January 2017

The next full meeting of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council will be held on Tuesday 24th January from 7pm at the Sutton Coldfield Town Hall.

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Open to both the public and press, the meeting will be preceded by a 20 minute question time. Questions not answered at this meeting will be answered in writing to the person asking the question, or may appear as an agenda item for the next meeting. Members of the Public are asked to identify themselves and to restrict their comments, and/or questions to three minutes.

7.00pm Public Question Time
Up to 20 minutes may be set aside for public participation.


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138 Apologies For Absence
Members to receive apologies for absence.

139 Declarations of Interest
Members to declare any interests they may have in agenda items that accord with the requirements
of the Town Council’s Code of Conduct. (NB this does not preclude any later declarations.)

140 Mayors Announcements
The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor will give short verbal updates on their activities and engagements
since the last meeting.

141 Exclusion of the Press and Public
Due to the confidential nature of the business of item 157 under the Public Bodies (Admission to
Meetings) Act 1960 s3, it is likely a motion will be proposed to exclude members of the public and
press during discussion of this item.

142 Minutes of the Last Meeting
To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council
(attached) held on Tuesday 13 December 2016.

143 Matters Arising

144 Falcon Lodge Community Centre
Presentation by Lisa Martinali, Compass Support on proposals for the future management of the

145 Minutes of Committees
Council to receive the minutes and approve the recommendations from the committees.
a) Amenities, Leisure and Community Services held on 20th December 2016 (attached).
b) Amenities, Leisure and Community Services held on 17th January 2017 (attached).
c) Planning and Highways held on 11 January 2017 (to follow).

146 Reports and Updates from Working Groups
a) Town Hall – Cllr Simon Ward
b) Library – Cllr Keith Ward
c) Socially Responsible Community – Cllr Janet Cairns
d) Youth Engagement – Cllr Clare Horrocks

147 Disability Strategy
Cllr Cairns to present a Disability Strategy for council approval (to follow).

148 Autism Service Consultation
Council to approve a survey to be undertaken to look at what services are needed in Sutton Coldfield
to support Autism groups. This work is supported within the Six Pillars Our Town for Everyone and
Champion for Autism work stream.

149 Community Engagement Strategy
Council to nominate Councillors to work with the acting Town Clerk to develop a Community
Engagement strategy for the Town Council.

150 Notice of Motion
Submitted by Cllr John Perks on 8th January 2017.
“That this Council registers with The Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom. RHS Britain in Bloom is
a nationwide community gardening campaign to transform cities, towns and villages. It will allow
community action to transform spaces. This motion will be fully inclusive to all residents of Sutton
Coldfield and will cover all wards. The Council will encourage schools, local business, community
groups and residents to set up their own groups to participate. The community has many gardening
experts that the council can call upon to provide guidance when required by the local groups.”

151 Notice of Motion
Submitted by Cllr Liz Parry 16th January 2017.
“This Council has previously expressed support for the retention of a modernized library service
within Sutton Coldfield town centre. Neither a location nor funding have yet been secured. This
Council therefore resolves to allocate £150,000 from the unallocated portion of its 2016/17
budget, to use if necessary to support the continued provision of a library service in the town
centre after 1 April 2017, in order to enable a long-term solution to be finalised.”
Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council Agenda | Tuesday 24 January 2017 | Page 3 of 4

152 Accounts for Payment
Members to approve payments as per the schedule and to appoint two members to sign cheques
and/or complete online banking authorisation (schedule to follow).

153 Use of Town Clerk’s Delegated Powers

154 Amendment to Standing Orders
Council to consider amending Standing Orders (attached).
1 – Rules of Debate at Meetings.
g) An amendment shall not be considered unless written notice is provided to the Chairman
of the meeting via the Town Clerk by 12pm on the day of the meeting.
18 – Financial control and procurement.
a) v. change ‘Office of Government Commerce’ to ‘ Crown Commercial Service’.
c) change ‘Office of Government Commerce’ to ‘ Crown Commercial Service’.
f) change ‘Office of Government Commerce’ to ‘ Crown Commercial Service’.
155 Appointment of Internal Auditors
Council to consider appointing Auditing Solutions Ltd as internal auditor for 2016/17.

156 Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 21st February 2017.

157 Exclusion of the Press and Public
The following agenda items, subject to agenda item 141 will most likely be heard with the Public and
Press excluded.
a) Staff in confidence – Update on recruitment.