Walmley Development Update by Suzanne Webb

I have been asked what the current situation is with regards to the fields and when the development will start for the 6,000 dwellings and the strategic employment site at Peddimore, so here is a brief update.

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For the 6,000 dwellings, the land in Walmley has been removed from the green belt, this happened the moment the plan was adopted by the Birmingham City Council earlier this year. The land is owned predominantly by two consortiums with a rough 60/40 split of the share of the land. As to when the development will start, a planning application can be lodged at any time from here on. However, the expectation is that an application won’t made until early 2018 and from there on 350 dwellings are planned to be built each year.

For Peddimore it is slightly different, the land is owned by Birmingham City Council and to the best of our knowledge has yet to find a buyer. Peddimore is one of many strategic sites in the Birmingham Plan and so it does not necessarily mean development will start anytime soon. However, as the city council own the land, they will be keen to sell it.

There will be a consultation this September and it will be on what is called a Supplementary Planning Document. This document builds on the policies that were within the Birmingham Development Plan. It is a document which once finalised will be used to monitor the development and will be the principal document to manage the development. It will map out the location of new open space, conservation areas, traffic calming areas, cycle routes and locations for road junction improvements, and map listed buildings and things like rivers/water courses, within the development.The jury is still out whether the consultation is a mere paper exercise and we are keeping an open mind until we see a draft copy of exactly what we are going to be consulted on.

We are working closely with the planning officers as it is important that whatever happens now it is done sensitively and with the needs of the current community foremost in their thoughts. Whether this happens is another matter.

There is a Facebook page, called Project Fields and if you want to keep informed about what is happening please sign up for this page and you will find simple updates about the development on a regular basis.

Suzanne Webb
Project Fields